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Enjoy our new websites

In May, we have prepared a new, well arranged and user-friendly website. We are now launching version 2.0, which features more news and optimization for easy and smooth browsing.
The English version of the web presentation

In June, we are launching a new web presentation in English for international partners. You will find all necessary information about our products, photos of the objects covered by Capacco roofs, price list and other important downloads on the website.
Article about the unique Capacco roofing

Read the article about the unique Capacco roofing, which we have prepared for you with our secretary, Ing. Naděžda Malchárková. You will learn what makes the material of the roofing so unique and find out other interesting information.

Assembly - translation into English and German

In the section of products, we now provide instructions for installing the Capacco roofing and other important technical details regarding the products, pack sizes and supplementary products not only in Czech, but also in German and English.

For your download
Technical documentation - extension

You can now find other important documents in the download section. In addition to the installation instructions, price list, warranty certificate and Declaration of Conformity, you can now find the Construction Technical Certificate and Fire Resistance Classification Protocol available for download.

For your download
Video - sample installation

We made a video about the installation of the Capacco roofing for you, in which our expert shows you how to install the roofing properly, how easy it is to work with it and you will also find information about the supplementary products for an easy installation.

Do you want more? Watch this TV programme: ´Rady ptáka Loskutáka´

To give you a better idea of our plastic roofing´s advantages, we decided to apply for participating in the TV programme named ´Rady ptáka Loskutáka´. So, if tune the TV NOVA on 8th June 2013 at 6p.m. and watch us, you will learn a lot of handy information and advice about CAPACCO, the plastic roofing - how to assemble and use it.
Enjoy our new websites

CAPACCO in a new coat! Since 1st May 2013 we have had our new websites. Here you can find all information about our products, photos of buildings covered with CAPACCO roofing and, of course, a current price list and further important news available for your download.
For your download

In the download section you can find various important materials related to CAPACCO roofing. There is also our current Price List, the Warranty Card and the Declaration of Conformity.

For your download
New photos – Under the CAPACCO roof

Let us invite you to take a look into our photo gallery at the pictures of buildings covered with our roofing. Due to its lightness and fact, that when it is used for building reconstructions it is not necessary to strengthen the roof beams, CAPACCO is suitable both for new buildings and houses to be reconstructed or renovated. .
Join us on FACEBOOK

Since 27th March, 2013 we have been on Facebook and we´ll be very delighted if just you become a fan of us. On our site there, you can find current news, photos of buildings covered with CAPACCO roofing and many other interesting things. Support us and you won´t miss a piece of information.
Roofing assembly

In the PRODUCTS section of our websites you will find both the instructions for laying our CAPACCO roofing and further important technical details related to our products, packaging and complementary range of products.

New type of roofing

Since March 2013 we have been producing a new version of the roofing – CAPACCO SK1 and SK2, the fake slate. Its look is an ideal copy of natural slate. It is provided with 5 assembly holes facilitating a laying and an identification logo on its lower side.

Roofs, sheathing, isolation, building of 2013

Will you come and see us! In the days of February 28 – March 2, 2013, in Ostrava Výstaviště - Černá louka, we are giving a presentation of our CAPACCO roofing. Do come and ask anything you may be interested in. You can find us in NA2 exhibition hall, stall No 204.
2012 in CAPACCO

In 2012 we produced more than 2,000t of the roofing. Hereby, let us thank you very much for choosing our CAPACCO roofing. We do believe that you will be happy with it for long years just as tens of thousands of our current customers are.
What does the appeal of CAPACCO lie in?

Since the very beginning of CAPACCO establishment we have been dealing with an eco-idea of using plastic cable insulants, which used to lie to no avail in waste disposal sites. For more information about this extraordinary material will you please visit the PRODUCTS section of our websites.
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